Friday, March 8, 2013

Upcoming eBook, Current Free eBook

I'm working on editing and formatting the My Neighbor series as an ebook entitled Strange Bedfellows. Included will be the four chapters (currently available on sites that you can't reach from behind a firewall), updated and edited, plus two stories that fell by the wayside back when that damn Bunny character started hogging my writing time. The first new part is set between the third and fourth chapters, when Andrew makes his first major blunder in the relationship. He's not the type to apologize with any semblance of sincerity, so that's going to be fun to write. In the second new installment Andrew is finally bullied into introducing his neighbor to his parents, which may prove to be the final straw for them both. There’s also fucking because that’s what you like.

The finished product will be somewhere around novella length, and will be available sometime in April. In the meantime, I put MMM: Man, Man, Motherfucker up on Smashwords just to test how the whole thing works. While I’m no artist, I do have a DIY spirit and so tried my hand at a couple of book covers.

It's barely legible on purpose—less embarrassing on your iBooks shelf
FYI, I traced these images using an iPad app. I can't draw.
No typography yet, but I think you get the idea.

The good thing about that site is that I can update the book (read: flesh out that second chapter I've been tossing around) and anyone who purchased it will be able to get the new chapter for free. That's something, I guess. Both Literotica and GayDemon are a pain to update, and there's no alerting readers that there's a new and improved version.

Anyway, if anyone would like to be my guinea pig and write a review of MMM, use the coupon code VD38Z for a 100% off discount. The coupon expires on March 11, 2013. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


  1. Awesome! I just got it and I will be happy to write a review once I'm done reading it. : )

  2. I just loved the Bunny cover!//Malin

  3. CANNOT! F&%#ING! WAIT! Love the My Neighbors series and so happy to see a 4th chapter posted on GayDemon. I laughed out loud all the way through it. Will definitely purchase when it comes out in April, excited for a polished story with two extra chapters added.

    As far as MMM, I’m not really a review kind of girl. I’m not articulate enough to put my thoughts out there beyond a “go you” cheer sort of thing. Love all of your work but the story isn’t one of my favorites of yours; Jack is certainly no Cash Bentley. They’re both assholes but at least Mr. Bentley is a funny asshole :). But I’d like to purchase MMM anyway because it’s, well… you. And I’m looking forward to that 2nd chapter you’ve been tossing around.

    For someone who doesn’t like people very much, you sure write them well! Reminds me a lot of Andrew. Hmmmm, makes me wonder how much of you there is in him, lol.

    As always, your writing is excellent and a true pleasure to read. Can’t wait for the two new stories that you said fell to the wayside. And I’ve always enjoyed your drunken ramblings in the past (I really liked the one with the rain), if you’re not on the wagon these days then I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more of those ;)

  4. You know what, I take it all back. Just purchased MMM (paid for it because I knew I wasn’t going to leave a review)… read it… and liked it a whole lot more this time around. Sure Jack is still an unlikeable asshole but I liked when Philly manned up and took control. And the sex was damn hot! I do agree with one of your reviewers when they said it’s not as witty as some of your other stories but for the life of me I can’t remember what my objection was last time. Didn’t want to discourage anyone from reading!

  5. Hello.. Have you heard of a site called ?
    A few literotica authors are there too. It's a wonderful site, there you can "alerting readers that there's a new and improved version" Please check it out..

  6. I love all the covers and I can't wait to purchase Strange Bedfellows. :D

  7. Loved MMM--thanks for putting it up for free! I thought it was an interesting premise and I really enjoyed it. One thing I did find odd was how quickly Philly accepted the situation. I read the summary that said Bo was gay and Philly had a crush--but the story starts with Philly being angry at Jack, not expressing shock that Bo is giving him a bj.

    But overall it is fiction so I can suspend my disbelief. Still rereading it!