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The Worst Days Ch. 2.4

More of this hot mess, because I'm definitely stalling. To read the part 2.3 click here, or start from the beginning. Again, thanks to Luz for sending me a copy of this lost tome.
Fen's mouth turned up a bit more. "If I didn't know better, I would have thought you'd done that before," he sighed. Had he been feline, he would have purred. 

I snorted. "I do not consider that a compliment."

"Mm, you should," he murmured. "I can't move."

"So now would be a good time to make a run for it?" I said sarcastically.

Fen opened a grey eye at me. "You want to run around this place with a stiff dick after what you saw today? Be my guest."

"Damn it all."

"Yeah." He rolled over and pressed his mouth against my bare shoulder, and the thrumming inside me centered on that spot. "Why are your pants still on?"

I looked down. "They like it there."

A hand reached down and tugged the knot loose. "Tell them to get comfortable in a heap on the floor. I have business in that area."

I shucked my pants and Fen slid down the bed. Our skin was slick and smooth, and the buzz followed the contact down my body. Fen dug his tongue into my Gracilis muscles, those taut connectors of inner thigh and pelvis, and my legs spread without asking my brain first.

"Eager, much?" Fen teased, sinking his teeth in.

"I'm taking notes," I groaned. "I hope that works on women, too. I'll never stop getting pussy."

Fen made an undecipherable noise and took me in his mouth. It wasn't exactly a repeat of the night before, since the pleasure buzz got to me before I could put up a proper fight, but the heady deluge of desire that rushed from skull to toes and filled everywhere in between was a aching reminder of why Fen got away with fellating me in the first place.

"Be grateful I'm not hitting you, like I should," I said around breaths. I tried to sound stern, but it came off as more playful banter.

Fen lightly nipped my pelvis in response, and I did hit him then. To retaliate he sucked one of my testes into his mouth and pressed his teeth in until it almost hurt.

"I give up! I surrender!" I protested, not able to fight the cocoon of warmth off fast enough to grow concerned for the safety of my seed.

Fen withdrew his teeth, but his lips and tongue stayed busy over my sac for a while before replacing his hand on my shaft. He pressed the pad of his finger against the skin around my anus and slowly circled it. It was a strange sensation; having one's asshole stroked is not a frequent occurrence for most people, but it sent more tender shivers up my spine and the hum grew louder in my ears, and I almost wished he would press a little harder. But I lay there, marveling at the enveloping warm wetness of his mouth, and the cool that was left behind when the breeze sneaking through the balcony door caressed the parts of me that Fen was not covering.

This time, when I came, there was no finger against my prostate, and though my pelvis lifted into the air and my toes curled, my orgasm was almost gentle. It crept over me and took me by surprise, though Fen had anticipated it. He let the ropy mess fleck and splatter onto my heaving torso until my cock softened, then sucked the pearly drips off my stomach and chest, and then licked clean the flaccid producer of those white drizzles. I smiled a little at my sudden affinity for metaphors. I was going insane, and was fairly comfortable with the transformation.

After making sure there was no trace of semen on my body, Fen slid up my body and kissed my collarbone. "Did you know that you hum when you're aroused?" he chuckled.

"What? No I don't."

"You most certainly do," he corrected me. "It's fairly melodic, and feels great when it's wrapped around my dick." He gave me a filthy grin and wiggled his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes. "I can't believe I'm a sex-hummer. That's just weird," I complained. "I thought that was only on the inside."

Fen snorted and pulled a sheet over us. The sun was still warm, but the breeze had picked up and the drying perspiration chilled my skin and raised gooseflesh. He grabbed one of the pillows we had displaced and bunched it under his head. He was turned on his stomach, and I was struck again by the blond of the hair on the rest of his body.


"Yep?" He looked ready for a nap with his white hair tousled over his eyes and his nose buried in his arm.

"Where were you born?" I held my breath. I hoped I wasn't treading on dangerous ground.

Fen lifted his head slightly. "The place I was born doesn't exist anymore."

"So you're not Nitkani."

"What makes you think that?" he queried.

"Well," I ticked off the reasons on my fingers, "you have blond hair everywhere except your head, your hair is white instead of grey, your Lomagnian is almost flawless, which is a feat for anyone whose native tongue is Nitkan, and you don't seem to be as comfortable with the status quo as you should be in your position as a young wealthy man, and you started swearing in some languages I've never heard—"
"I get it," Fen interrupted. "You're more observant than I gave you credit for."

"And you also don't have any pictures anywhere that I've seen, which would indicate that you don't feel you have any pictures of anyone who matters, which in turn tells me that you don't much like the people around you," I finished triumphantly. Fen swatted at my hands and turned on his side to face me.

"Tam, I can't tell you," he started, then began with a different tactic. "Tell me about Juniper."

I sighed; I couldn't help it. Her heartbeat was strong and steady, and I didn't have to close my eyes to picture her in her beautiful wedding dress, her dark curls spilling every which way.

"Juniper is exquisite in every sense of the word," I began. "She's the reason I was a virgin when we were married, because she's the type who you're willing to do anything to keep. She tries to pretend she's this tough little soldier, but she has a sweet streak a mile wide. Her hair is dark brown, like pure melted chocolate, and her eyes are the color of earth." I thought for a moment. "That's not quite right. Her eyes are brown, but it's a deep, different kind of brown. It's soft and liquid."

"Like an owl's breast, or an otter pelt," offered Fen from depths of his pillow.

I gave him an odd look. How did he know? Had he seen my wife? "Yes, like an otter pelt. She is muscle and health embodied, but she's still soft and pliant to the touch. Her skin is silky and her lips are welcoming and downy."

I turned over so I was facing Fen, though he was back on his stomach and could have been asleep. "Juniper balances me out. I have a hard time relating to people outside my family," Fen snorted at this, "but she's open to everyone, though she doesn't put up with bullshit. She's never really mean, but she'll make these little sarcastic comments that only I'll get, and I'll be cracking up for no reason while she's carrying on a straight-faced conversation with someone. She's funny, and playful, and has this way that makes every person she meets feel as if she exists only for that person. My family adores her, she loves my family, and I really like her family. They're so nice I could never tell whether they really liked me or were just pretending. She taught me that I was good with children, that it's okay to be a little of a romantic if the gesture is appreciated, and how to keep my head up when I'm disappointed. Juniper is everything good that's missing in me, with a little spice added.

She has her moments, sure," I amended. "She's kind of absentminded, and she's never been on time to anything in her life. Juniper's mom told me that she was born late and spent the rest of her life following suit. But if she's willing to live with my exasperating qualities, then I can live with hers. And all the good about Juniper outweighs the bad be so much I sometimes forget it's there."

Fen was asleep, his breathing even and deep, so I slid out from the sheet and slipped back into my discarded clothes. I returned to my room, intending to ponder the past day and when I started thinking about this space as "mine," but I got too comfortable and ended up in the arms of Morphius as well.

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